Thursday, May 29, 2008

Family Pics Finally

After seeing Jen's family pictures, I was reminded that I've never scanned and posted ours. Here they are! There really weren't any out takes. Getting Bailey in a single picture was a struggle so we took what we could get.


Jen Dub-ya said...

yay - family pics - love them - love you guys!

Sundi said...

What a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing!

GE is me said...

Jen, too cute on your front too! I'm still trying to get the husband to show me how to copy & paste to my blog from the web site the girls are on.
What a nice looking family y'all are!

btw- please let LT know that I appreciate him for his service to our country(his brother too!) & you & the boys for the sacrifices you make being a military family!
(better late than never- our Memorial day w/e was busy & while I wanted to do a Mem. Day post, just never got there.)

God Bless, -Gail

Grammy said...

Bailey on Daddy's shoulders was a good idea. He seemed very happy to be in a picture for a change!! Of course, Maverick is just a living doll.

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