Monday, June 2, 2008

Playing Catch Up

So I've been absent from blog world lately, at least from the posting aspect. Forgive me, please. I had a busy weekend with a VBS meeting and then some other housekeeping stuff at the church that I didn't get done since last week was a 4 day work week and I normally work on the day that was the holiday.

Uncle Josh flew in yesterday and we've had a good time so far hanging out with him. I think the boys are enjoying having an extra playmate in the house. He's more fun than LT or I regardless! We did come to the realization last night that our boys aren't good candidates for bunkbeds or sharing a room. We had to change our sleeping arrangment at about 10:30 last night after over an hour of screaming from some little blonde kid who shall remain nameless.

Today was a big day for us, too. This morning, we frantically rushed around so that we could get the boys to school and then make it to LT's promotion ceremony by 9am. I got there right at 9am and they were about to start the ceremony without me. Thankfully, they didn't! I got to pin (velcro) LT's new rank on. His one line emblem simply changed from gold to black. The Col who was in charge of the ceremony told me I had it upside down. I laughed and then sort of tapped him on his side. We all know these Army pomp and circumstance type things get me all wigged out regardless so having a Col making wise cracks did throw me off a little bit, but put me at ease, too.

We also had our first official housecleaning by the lady that is going to be our every other week housecleaner! YEAH! I can't tell you how relaxed I feel knowing that all the big cleaning will get done every other week. When I have to do it myself, it doesn't get done that often. The only problem we have is that she speaks little English and I speak even less Spanish. I'm determined that this is going to be the thing that pushes me to learn to speak some Spanish. For now, I'm doing better about making sure I pick up after myself and put things away immediately. That will probably wear off, but I need to start somewhere!

Bailey got a new Thomas plate set at Big Lots today. It came with a fork that's handle looks like Percy and a spoon that's handle looks like Thomas. He hasn't let them out of his sight since we took them out of the package. Only my son would carry around a fork and spoon everywhere he goes and play with them like they're really trains. He's a weird kid and I blame all that on LT.

Here are some pictures of the promotion ceremony. Holly will be proud of my white crop pants. I wiped the bottom of Maverick's shoes off before I carried him into the CDC today to keep my pants as clean as I could.

At this point, someone is reading the proclamation that LT is officially promoted from 2nd Lt to 1st Lt. Either that or the Col is saying all kinds of wonderful things about LT like he thinks he should've skipped 1st Lt and been straight to Captain. That would've been a great pay raise! The Col thinks alot of LT and so do I!

The Col is probably telling me right now that I have put the single black line of velcro on upside down. Ha!

Here we are 1st Lt and Mrs. Wade. Aren't we a cute little couple?


Jen Dub-ya said...


Karen said...

Congrats! You did good! I think you need an award wearing white pants with 2 boys and KEEPING them clean!

Grammy said...

How much fun can you have in one week? Josh visiting, Jake promoted, a cleaning lady, and a trip to Big Lots??? It just doesn't get any better.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jake!

Jen - Owen has that same Thomas set and he plays with it all the time. He has to have the fork and spoon at every meal no matter what he's eating. It's kind of fun watching a 2 year old eat cereal with a fork.

Glad to see you all are doing well.


Anonymous said...

WOW!! Dad and I are so proud of you. Wish we could have been there but glad your brother was there. Josh says you are a good officer and he knows about officers. I know that yall are having a great time. Jen having help at home at this time in your life is a GREAT thing. I am glad you did this. We love and miss you all!!!!

Paw & GG

Anonymous said...

Very proud!! you looked great!


GE is me said...

Congrats on the promotion & getting to sew(velcro) on the new stripe.
Next thing we know you'll be a general. :)

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