Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wow Wow Wednesday

I had another website in mind to pass along today, but after placing my picture order and being completely surprised by how much it cost I decided I would do a little pub for our favorite studio in the Carolinas.

Last week when we were in SC visiting, we made an appointment at
Our Heritage to get our pictures taken - the whole family! It was a total catastrophe, but we did get 1 decent picture of all 4 of us, 2 really cute pictures of Maverick and 1 good picture of LT and me. The 2 ladies who worked with us did all kinds of things to get Bailey to stay in a picture, but he's a hard headed little boy and isn't into taking pictures on demand. If you remember, a year ago I had a mortifying experience there so I was glad that Jake got to experience it, too! He was dripping sweat by the time we left.

Today I ordered our pictures and had my credit card ready for her to tell me my whopping total...$55.31 tax and all. I already had it in my mind that we would be topping the $100 mark! Here's what I got for my $55.31 - 2 11x14s, 5 8x10s, 10 5x7s and 16 wallets. Impressive, I know. When you count in our $15 sitting fee, it's still a great deal. They are the only ones who have ever taken our pictures and as long as we keep visiting SC, they may be the only ones who ever do. We have friends who have been using them for 16+ years! We even used them as the photographers for our wedding.

So if you're ever in the Fort Mill, SC/Charlotte, NC area and you need your picture taken, they come highly recommended from me and lots of my friends! That's coming from someone who's had 2 mortifying experiences there, which should say a lot.


GE is me said...

Jen, sorry Bailey gave you such a hard time with the pix. When I did the girls 3 year pix this year & even their 2 1/2 pix they had gotten soooo much better than they were between 1 year & 2. Thankfully at their 2 year my mom was there to give me a hand, but they still ended up sitting on me.

Anonymous said...

Our Heritage is great! It's the only place I have my kids' pictures taken. You can't beat the price, the pictures come out great and they have a lot of patience when it comes to kids. Did you see the giant picture of Ella on the wall? They blew up one her 3 year pictures into a 30x40 and hung it on their waiting room wall. I don't know if it's still there or not.

Hope you all are doing well.


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