Wednesday, March 18, 2009

That Kid

I have a bad feeling that Maverick is always going to be known as 'that kid.' A few weeks ago, he hit another little girl in the nursery in the head with a plastic jigsaw tool and left her a pretty big goose egg right on her forehead. Thankfully I know the girl's parents/grandparents so we weren't in too much trouble. I do joke now that we need to make sure that little girl wears a helmet any time she and Maverick are in the room together.

Today, he did it! He did the one thing Bailey never dreamed of doing, at least not that I know of! Maybe he just didn't have a chance. I waited too long to get Maverick out of his crib this morning so he decided to take matters into his own hands and climbed out. By the time I went up to get him, I could tell that his voice was getting closer and closer to me. I met him on the stairs to him telling me "I got out of bed, mommy! I got out of bed, mommy!" No tears! No Scars! Just the proud grin of a child who had successfully ejected himself from his own crib.

He did it again this afternoon when I put him down for a nap. This time he was mad at me because I left him there with no pants on, just a diaper. He's not big on just wearing a diaper, which is fine with me. I've never been big on just letting my kids run around in a diaper! This time, he must not have been as graceful on his dismount. I can't tell what he might have hit, but he looked banged up and just mad!

So now, I'm facing the dilemma I thought I was going to be able to put off for a couple more months or years - - - Is it worth putting Maverick in a different bed? - - - This is going to require a purchase and that's one reason I didn't want to cross this bridge yet. So is it a toddler bed? Bunk Beds and combining he and Bailey into one room? Putting his mattress on the floor without any sort of frame? What would you do?

Bailey got promoted when we moved to El Paso because we needed the crib for Maverick. He was 2 and a couple of weeks when we did that. Mav's already passed that mark so maybe it's time!!

Thinking about when Bailey started sleeping in the twin bed reminds me that the children and I are coming up on our 2 year anniversary of living in the desert. We'll try not to reminisce too much on that first few miserable weeks here. I'd like to wipe that out of my mind. I'm grateful we don't have another move in our near future. I've not recovered fully from the memories of moving here. I love it here. That's not what I'm saying - - - the actual move (not having our stuff, cross country with the children in the mini van, hotel rooms, living out of suitcases, sleeping on hard floors because it was better than being locked in a hotel room, going to church for the first 3 weeks, etc.) I'm not ready to relive that any time soon!


Amanda said...

We did the toddler bed then the twin mattress on the floor. It worked for ours. Good luck!

Grammy said...

I love the new background. I have often thought how lucky you were that Maverick stayed in his crib. You and Todd were climbing out by 18 months. Guess those forced nap days are almost over, too. Thank goodness Jenna Beth will stay anywhere you put her!!!

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