Saturday, November 28, 2009

26 Days of Thanks (21-26)

At least I made the effort, right? 2 days late isn't bad to wrap up this set of posts, is it? It seems to be the story of my life right now. It seems that the good intentions don't get me into action much lately. I honestly have been absolutely exhausted the past week and have been going to bed relatively early. I've gotta find my groove again so that I can be somewhat productive over the next few crazy weeks.

So for the final catch up post for my 26 days of thanks...

21) I'm thankful for the cash I made at my yard sale and the little bit of junk I was able to get rid of.

22) I'm thankful that Bailey is full of surprises and more and more the surprises are good and really make this mommy proud.

23) I'm thankful for an odd, but great week.

24) I'm thankful for what has become a standing play date of sorts.

25) I'm thankful for new friends who have opened their homes to us over this Thanksgiving week.

26) I'm thankful for my life and even though it's not always easy and I'm not always the best at anything, I have been blessed beyond measure.

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