Friday, July 2, 2010

Everyone Loves A Parade

In the morning, we'll do our 3rd Westside Rotary Club Independence Day parade. It's so funny to think about how different each of the parades has been.

The first year I had no idea what to expect and neither did the boys! Maverick was about a year and a half and Bailey was 3. I can remember Bailey finally getting the courage toward the end to walk up to parade watchers to give them candy.

Last year I had all 3 with me by myself! The boys hung out on the trailer most of the time with their friends shooting water guns at each other. I carried Jenna Beth in my pouch sling the entire parade. She was just a little bitty thing!

Tomorrow morning I have no idea how things will go down. Jenna Beth is going to need lots of snacks to keep herself occupied in the stroller for the whole parade. Bailey says he's going to be squirting his water gun. Maverick said he was going to hand people candy. We'll see what they really do when we get there!

I love the parade because it's a fun time to just hang out with the kids and their parents. I also love seeing all the people who have made it a tradition for years to sit in their favorite spots to watch the parade. There will not be a 4th of July that goes by that I won't think back to the parade here in El Paso and have such fond, wonderful memories!

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