Sunday, March 6, 2011

Days Go By

The days are just flying by here in my little world. For no real reason, I find that I spend less and less time sitting in front of this laptop. One of the reasons is probably that I spend more and more time with my phone in my hand reading news articles, tweet and status updates. Because my blog is set up with an old email account that I no longer use, I can't use any of the blog apps to update this thing or you might see new posts more often.

The children have all managed to find themselves in bad phases of their lives! F5 is working to get himself caught up with his friends here in his TX kindergarten class. It's a struggle because he acts so disinterested most days or just rushes through whatever it is we're working on. I have had to walk away from him many afternoons because I just get so frustrated with his lack of effort or his clueless act he turns on. F4 spends most of his time bossing F1 around or micromanaging her every move. His tactics are very ugly and mean. I'm sure he is dealing with some middle child issues at this stage in his life. F1 is just F1! She has her own ideas about how she's going to behave and the things that she's going to do that every moment of her life is a power struggle. She wants so desperately to do what her brothers do, but she's obviously not mature enough to do such things. She annoys the heck out of them with her destructive antics!

So my life is quite fun and interesting these days! I have supplies for 5 different decorating or craft projects, but just don't have the energy or desire to get involved in them after I've had a rough, stressful day with the children. I've spent more nights in the past month sitting on my couch watching pointless television than I care to admit. I never thought my life would come to this and that I would have so little motivation or energy to do things that I enjoy or really want to do, but I'm here or there! Every day I hope that things will be better or different, but so far, it's just not happened. I will keep hoping, regardless!


Nikki said...

Chin up! Your honesty is at least filled with humor! Your 3 little tornadoes sound like they might just break the Richter Scale soon enough. Love from SC!

Eaalim said...

, Thanks.

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